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    For our children, youth, families and everyone in between, this is home. 

  • Inspire Kids

    Our kids church offers an amazing experience for all of our different ages.

    Please ensure that your children have been to the bathroom and have washed their hands carefully. It is helpful if they have a snack before they are checked in.


    Check in needs to be completed by 10:30am to ensure your child gets to enjoy all aspects of the session. Check out is straight after the service. Please come and sign your child out before joining others in the lounge to connect.


    Fun, nuturing

    InspireKids Sprouts check in from 10:15am-10:30am in the music room next to the lounge.


    The Sprouts begin their morning with toys and games. Please feel free to sit with your child for a few minutes to settle them in to this space by playing games and getting them familiar with the other children.


    The Sprouts lesson is age appropriate with a focus on play based learning. The lesson includes storytelling, art, dance, role play and games related to the core theme.


    We have vibrant and caring leaders dedicated to our Sprout group to make this a welcome space for your little ones.



    Fun, engaging, Arts based

    InspireKids JAM check in from 10:15am-10:30am in the drama room opposite the lounge.


    JAM begins with games, toys and music. The lesson includes drama, games and a video or role playing lesson. For the second part of the lesson the JAM group uses our dedicated art space to engage in art activities connected to the core themes.


    Our JAM leaders are engaging and inclusive, full of energy and positivity. They support the juniors to build on their friendships and to meet with new friends in their groups. They support JAM to respond both independently and collaboratively to the lesson.




    InspireKids EPIC check in from 10:15am-10:30am in the art room near the lounge.


    EPIC begins with creativity, board games and music. The lesson includes art related lesson connected to the core theme. For the second part of the lesson the EPIC group uses the drama space for drama games and the lesson. Once a month they attend the whole church worship sessions with their leaders.


    Our EPIC leaders are dynamic and encouraging. They are focused on supporting our seniors as they connect with new friends and access the key ideas of the lessons.



    InspireKids VIBE join their families for the first part of the church service. After worship, during 'Take 3', the Vibe group will leave the auditorium with their leaders and head to the fish bowl room in the cafe.


    VIBE delves in to the lesson with discussion, bible search, reference and collaborative learning tasks. VIBE apply their learning with an arts challenge and build on their thinking with conversations with their leaders.


    Our VIBE leaders are skilled in building detailed conversations amongst our seniors. They create a relaxed atmosphere that allow the group to build deeper understanding of the lessons connected to the core theme.

  • Get connected

    Events, Youth & Life-groups


    First Sunday of the month

    Once a month our 9+ kids go out for an Inspire Energiser. An adventure that could include, bounce, rock-climbing, laser tag, swim parties, game challenges and mud races after the service. These events are a great way for pre teens to connect and grow together with their friends from Inspire and to connect with our Youth Leaders.


    Fortnightly at Inspire Church (TRIO)

    Inspire Youth is an amazing opportunity for our youth to come together in a supportive and loving environment. They will build relationships and engage in what it means to have a faith filled life in the midst of the realities of being a teenager in Singapore. The services are intimate, fun, engaging and led by an incredible team who have a passion to nurture, support, and guide them as they grow in this dynamic and diverse community.


    Throughout the week at a variety of homes, cafes and locations

    Life-group is where we do life together. We meet together weekly or bi-weekly to encourage, learn, pray, have fun and grow together. The groups change regularly, giving people the opportunity to lead and be led. These are the heart of relationship in the church and are an amazing place to get connected and build lifelong friendships and family.

  • Our Teams

    We love to serve and get involved.


    Our Welcome team create an atmosphere that surrounds and embraces you when you attend any of our services.




    Our Crew make everything possible by working behind the scenes to facilitate the physical space at Inspire.


    Our Kids team are dedicated to giving your children the best possible experience in our services and events.


    Inspire Creative nurture an environment that helps us to transcend and experience God.