• Inspire Singapore

    We are a Jesus centered church that believes in the power of God to transform lives. We take hold of our God given purpose with both hands; stepping into possibilities and futures beyond what we could imagine.

    Our Senior Pastors

    Hamish and Haidee Betts

    We feel so privileged to be able to call Inspire our home church. In 2011 we planted Inspire with the vision to grow a church that would value and love God and people at its core. To be a place where people step into the reality of what it means to passionately live close to God whilst going through the everyday challenges and circumstances of life. We have seen Inspire continue to grow and absolutely love those that have become a part of this community.

    Have an incredible day, we hope to see you soon - Pastors Hamish and Haidee

    Our Team


    Wander into Inspire Church on any given day and you’ll feel like you’ve found your long lost extended family. We like having fun, we love having a laugh and we believe that the purpose of church is to 'do life together'. This means that we are passionate about raising up teams of people who can lead and grow the vision and heart of the church, connecting with their purposes in God. We love to see people grab hold of their passions and giftings and so, we raise up leaders, mentors and members to take an active part of the life of the church.

    Our Church


    We are diverse, loving and creative people. Our church is a mixture of local and international; with a heart to love God and love people. We run programmes and events to meet a range of needs both inside and outside of our community. We have a vibrant kids ministry (Inspire Kids), youth events, youth mentoring programmes, creative team nights and ministries, Life Groups, play groups, and outreach and care ministries. We are partnered with organisations, that seek to end and ease the suffering caused by human trafficking. Please connect with us on facebook to receive reminders and get an insight into the various groups and activities.

  • Our Values

    We believe that by knowing what you value as a church you give strength, voice and action to your vision.

    We Wildly Pursue God

    & Love People

    We Have Fun

    We are Passionate

    We are Fearless

    and we are Open

    We Value Team, Love Church, are Actively Involved and we Live Big Lives

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  • Our Statement of Faith


    We believe that God is one, expressed through the three persons of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    God's Character

    We believe God’s character and nature is love, and that he created all people as objects of His love.

    The Bible

    We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, written by hands of men.


    We believe God created mankind good, that we fell through Sin and that his plan has always been forgiveness and reconciliation through the Christ, pre-planned before the foundations of the world.


    We believe that through Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection, all men have been made righteous through His one righteous act.


    We believe that by responding to God’s love, as expressed through Christ, we receive and walk in salvation.

    Holy Spirit

    We believe the Holy Spirit makes His dwelling place within us, and that He loves being there; to counsel, guide, and minister to us and those around us.

    The Church

    We believe the church is God’s plan in the repair and restoration of the world and humanity.


    We believe that all people are created with a divine purpose, and that He wishes us all to know and live that purpose.

  • Inspire International

    Inspire Singapore is a plant out of Inspire Church New Zealand in collaboration with local churches here in Singapore. We are committed to Singapore, our community and our local needs and missions. We also value being part of a larger movement of churches that inspire, encourage and build each other up. We network closely with our Inspire family in New Zealand and the movement's Senior Pastors Don and Julia McDonell to remain connected to the vision and heartbeat of what Inspire Church is.

  • Pastors Don & Julia McDonell

    Senior Pastors of Inspire Albany and Founders of Inspire.

    "A spirit of faith" aptly describes this couple and Inspire Church is an extension of their passion and their devotion. Don and Julia live to Inspire all generations to live with eternal purpose. You can visit Inspire Church Albany here

    Pastors Hamish & Haidee Betts

    Senior Pastors of Inspire Singapore.

    Hamish and Haidee planted Inspire in 2011 with the vision to grow a church that would value and love God and people at its core.

  • The Church We See

    The presence of God inhabits the worship, prayer, and relationships.

    The community is filled with people connecting with God and responding to their Salvation. They wildly pursue God and have a passion to see His love known in and through their lives.

    It is a home for all, where people can belong before they believe.

    We see churches at different locations connected with one heart and remaining true and consistent with biblical principles.


    This is a church with one vision but many dreams. These dreams are activated by going beyond comfort zones and believing for the impossible. The church is multi-cultural and unified, it is Inspire. The lifestyle is contagious and empowering. Thousands are equipped through a message of Faith, Hope, and Love, which is life-changing and relevant.


    We see an amazing group of people who don’t just follow, but put their hands to the plough with their own personal gifts, without regret, shame, or guilt.

    They refuse to arrive and will do whatever it takes to be on the cutting edge. These people are totally committed, they count whatever the cost and pay whatever the price to see heaven on earth.

    It’s a church in the right place at the right time, doing all that God has called us to do through people who are generous and Kingdom-minded.

    We are an incredible blessing in our community; having facilities that enable people to be discipled, coached, and equipped 24/7 to fulfil their destiny for Christ.


    This church is a Holy Spirit place where healing, freedom, love, and change erupt within its walls. The people have an incredible attitude. We are inspirational and live life enthusiastically. The place where we get together is warm, friendly, and filled with excitement. Our city is blessed because of us!


    Inspire is, and will continue to become, the church we see!

  • Our Podcasts

    Listen and Enjoy... soon available in iTunes

  • Contact us

    We are at The Projector 10:30am on Sunday mornings.

    6001 Beach Road, #05-00, Golden Mile Tower, 199589


    Nicol Highway MRT is just a 3 min walk away and we have an abundance of car parking on level 5.


    Arrive 10:10-10:30 to grab a coffee and snack in the pre-service lounge and register your kids with Inspirekids.


    Our service goes for approximately 1 and a half hours, and is followed by coffee and snacks in our Lounge.

    6001 Beach Road, #05-00, Golden Mile Tower, 199589
    Sunday 10:30am
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